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Sat 02 May 2020

Value-Oriented Programming

At WWDC 2015, in a very influential session titled Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift, Dave Abrahams explained how Swift’s protocols can be used to overcome some shortcomings of classes. He suggested this rule: “Don’t start with a class. Start with a protocol”.

Source: Value-Oriented Programming, an article by Matt Diephouse.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ snap obsession has snapped me off of it

Like everyone else, I got excited about the latest Ubuntu LTS release and installed it on day one. A week in, I’m sorry to say that I leave disappointed. The amount of unready snap features being effectively forced onto users is affecting Ubuntu’s usability and user-friendliness.

Source: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ snap obsession has snapped me off of it, an article by Jatan Mehta.

Awk in 20 Minutes

Awk is a tiny programming language and a command line tool. It's particularly appropriate for log parsing on servers, mostly because Awk will operate on files, usually structured in lines of human-readable text.

Source: Awk in 20 Minutes, an article by Fred Hebert.