week 14, 2019

Clearing the terminal in macOS

I use ⌃L to clear the terminal. This has the same effect as pressing enter n times with n the number of lines in the terminal. So scrolling back is possible. If I want to prevent scroll back or don't care I use ⌘K (Clear to Start).

Cable guy

My brother Marco is laying some cable so I can get a faster wired connection in my office.

House sparrow eggs

House sparrow eggs
Eggs of the house sparrow, Passer domesticus.

When my brother worked on the roof he encountered the nest of a house sparrow, Passer domesticus. He took the above photo with his cell phone (cropped).

Beauty bush

Beauty bush
Flowers of beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis.

When my mother and I went to the town center I took a photo of flowers of a bush which the iOS app PlantSnap identified as beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis.

Less 404

After midnight I used Inkscape to draw a 64x64 icon and saved it as PNG. Next, I used an online service, ICO Convert, to convert the PNG to a favicon.ico. I also made an empty robots.txt and uploaded both to this site. Now there are less 404 messages in the access log of this site.

Python version of tumblelog

I started on a Python 3.7 version of tumblelog. As I haven't been programming Python for quite some time it's a slow start. I hope to release the Python version of my static microblog generator sometime next week.

Python 3.7 on Ubuntu 16.04

I kept bumping into the Python version on my Ubuntu virtual machine being old; Python 3.5.2. So I updated to Python 3.7.3 as follows:

sudo add-apt-repository \
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y python3.7

Hello, f-strings.

Multiple microblogs

Directory structure multiple sites
How to organize directories for multiple microblogs.

I made a quick sketch for Paul of how to organize directories when you have multiple microblogs with tumblelog. Don't put tumblelog in each site directory but keep it in a separate directory.

Dutch licorice

Dutch licorice close-up
Close-up of Dutch licorice.

When I woke up a package had arrived containing two plastic bags with Dutch licorice. Thanks Paul!

DISTINCT with multipe columns

I wanted to count the number of two columns using DISTINCT in MariaDB but it seems that this is not supported directly. A solution:

    SELECT DISTINCT id, session_id
    FROM some_table
) AS rows

Key Trouble Part II

That's still an old-style keypair (brute-forceable password protection). Use either the "-o" option to ssh-keygen or use a more modern algorithm for the type which implies that option. See Upgrade your SSH keys!

Thank you Gert van Dijk for pointing this out to me on Twitter. Fixed my GitHub keypair using

ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 \
  -C "" \
  -f ~/.ssh/john-bokma-github

And I also updated my blog article Fixing Skipping ssh-dss key ... not in PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes.

Gert also wrote:

Default is weak because…

Excellent information, thanks.

Edit: the above Latacora link is no longer correct. The article has been moved to a new location: The default OpenSSH key encryption is worse than plaintext.

Draw Freely

Just installed Inkscape in Ubuntu running on a virtual machine. I want to design a simple favicon for this site.

Code font stack

After reading Nick Galbreath's CSS System Font Stack Monospace v2 I changed the code element font stack for both this blog and my main blog to:

    "Liberation Mono",
    "Courier New",

Which according to the article is what Bootstrap v4 uses, and Nick as well.