week 22, 2019

The Stone Sky: Better

After midnight I finished book 3 of The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin: The Stone Sky. I liked this book more than the second one, and in my opinion it's as good as the first book; a highly recommended read.

If you like this series you might like the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson which consists of:

  1. Mistborn. Also known as Mistborn: The Final Empire or simply as The Final Empire.
  2. The Well of Ascension.
  3. The Hero of Ages.

I love the unique magic system in this series.

Cat resting in the shadows

On our way back from the town centre my mother and I encountered a cat resting in the shadows of some bushes. I took a few photos and petted the cat. We had seen it before and it's very friendly and has no problem approaching strangers.

Cat resting in the shadows
Cat resting in the shadows.

Show PATH entries one per line

PATH entries are separated by colons. By replacing each colon with a new line character we get each entry on a line by itself; a task for tr:

echo $PATH | tr ':' '\n'

Make directories and change to the last one created

The following command makes several directories and changes into the last one created:

mkdir -p ~/foo/bar/baz && cd $_

In this example the current working directory is baz.

mkdir -p ~/foo/{baz,qux} && cd $_

And in this example the current working directory is qux.

In both cases you can verify the path of the current working directory with the pwd command.

CSS Grid Generator

I noticed a lot of people weren't using Grid because they felt it was too complicated and they couldn't understand it. Grid is capable of so much, and this small generator only touches on a fraction of the features. The purpose of this is so people get up and running quickly, and create more interesting layouts.

Give the online CSS Grid Generator by Sarah Drasner a spin.