week 17, 2019

Night Moves

In the evening I started in Night Moves, Alex Delaware series book 33 by Jonathan Kellerman. I am looking forward to this one, as I have read the previous 32 books and enjoyed them.

European common brown frog

Today I encountered a common brown frog on the road. After I had taken two photos with my iPhone 5 I carefully picked it up and took it to a safe spot with a lot of greens and some water nearby.

European common brown frog, Rana temporaria
Common frog (Rana temporaria), also known as the European common frog, European common brown frog, or European grass frog.

Missing leading zero bug fixed

Today I noticed that tumblelog version 1.0, both the Perl and Python version, don't show a leading zero in the Archive section when the week number is less than 10. While this is not a big issue the leading zero was also missing in the link, where it is mandatory.

The bug has been fixed in both versions and the version number for each has been bumped to 1.0.1 and made available on GitHub.

Introduction to Compilers and Language Design

Chapter PDFs of Introduction to Compilers and Language Design are available for free. The textbook and materials have been developed by Professor Douglas Thain as part of the CSE 40243 compilers class at the University of Notre Dame.

This book offers a one semester introduction into compiler construction, enabling the reader to build a simple compiler that accepts a C-like language and translates it into working X86 or ARM assembly language. It is most suitable for undergraduate students who have some experience programming in C, and have taken courses in data structures and computer architecture.

Taking Perl to Eleven

I just watched the slides of David Golden's Taking Perl to Eleven with Higher-Order Functions as presented on the Perl Conference 2018. The video of the talk is available on YouTube:

Sometimes, you just need your Perl to go one higher. This talk will teach you how to use functions that return functions for powerful, succinct solutions to some repetitive coding problems. Along the way, you’ll see concrete examples using higher-order Perl to generate declarative, structured “fake” data for testing.

Successful Payment

In the evening I paid my hosting providers. The first one, providing the hosting for this site and I paid using PayPal. And the second one, providing the hosting for and I paid using my Revolut prepaid credit card. And the payment was successful. This is the first successful one as earlier I couldn't pay MediaMarkt using Revolut nor add the card to PayPal. I reported the PayPal issue and it's currently being investigated.