Sun 02 Jul 2023

You Don’t Need __all__

Every now and then, I get a PR from a well-meaning contributor trying to add __all__ to a Python module for whatever reason. I always decline these, they are unnecessary (at least for the way I structure my code) and I thought I’d write a short post explaining why.

Source: You Don’t Need all, an article by James Turk.

Tree-Structured Concurrency

In this post I want to provide you with a practical introduction to structured concurrency. I will do my best to explain what it is, why it's relevant, and how you can start applying it to your rust projects today. Structured concurrency is a lens I use in almost all of my reasoning about async Rust, and I think it might help others too.

Source: Tree-Structured Concurrency, an article by Yoshua Wuyts.

Cause of Death

On a quiet day, away from the hustle of Richmond, in a small cottage on the Virginia coast, Dr. Kay Scarpetta receives a disturbing phone call from the Chesapeake police. Thirty feet deep in the murky waters of Virginia's Elizabeth River, a scuba diver's body is discovered near the Inactive Naval Shipyard.As the police begin searching for clues, the wallet of investigative reporter Ted Eddings is found.

Unnerved by the possible identity of the victim, Scarpetta orders the crime scene roped off and left alone until she arrives. What was he doing there, searching for Civil War relics as the officer suggested, or was there a bigger story? As she rifles through the multitude of clues, a second murder hits much closer to home. This new development puts Scarpetta and her colleagues hot on the trail of a military conspiracy.

In the evening I started in Cause of Death, Kay Scarpetta book 7 by Patricia Cornwell.