Wed 28 Jun 2023

Rust fact vs. fiction: 5 Insights from Google's Rust journey

In this post, we will analyze some data covering years of early adoption of Rust here at Google. At Google, we have been seeing increased Rust adoption, especially in our consumer applications and platforms. Pulling from the over 1,000 Google developers who have authored and committed Rust code as some part of their work in 2022, we’ll address some rumors head-on, both confirming some issues that could be improved and sharing some enlightening discoveries we have made along the way.

Source: Rust fact vs. fiction: 5 Insights from Google's Rust journey in 2022, an article by Lars Bergstrom and Kathy Brennan.

FreeBSD Jails Containers

FreeBSD networking and containers (Jails) stacks are very mature and provide lots of useful features … yet for some reason these features are not properly advertised by the FreeBSD project … or not even documented at all.

Source: FreeBSD Jails Containers.

Is ORM still an 'anti pattern'?

ORMs are one of those things that software writers like to pick on. There are many online articles that go by the same tune: “ORMs are an anti-pattern. They are a toy for startups, but eventually hurt more than help.”

This is an exaggeration. ORMs aren’t bad. Are they perfect? Definitely not, just like anything else in software. At the same time, the criticisms are expected—two years ago, I would’ve agreed with that stereotyped headline wholeheartedly. I’ve had my share of “What do you mean the ORM ran the server out of memory?” incidents.

But in reality, ORMs are more misused than overused.

Is ORM still an 'anti pattern'?, an article by Anh-Tho Chuong.

When NumPy is too slow

If you’re doing numeric calculations, NumPy is a lot faster than than plain Python—but sometimes that’s not enough. What should you do when your NumPy-based code is too slow?

Your first thought might be parallelism, but that should probably be the last thing you consider. There are many speedups you can do before parallelism becomes helpful, from algorithmic improvements to working around NumPy’s architectural limitations.

Let’s see why NumPy can be slow, and then some solutions to help speed up your code even more.

Source: When NumPy is too slow, an article by Itamar Turner-Trauring.