Thu 29 Jun 2023

NixOS and my Descent into Insanity

As I tend to do, I picked a topic to write about that is much larger in scope than I could manage in a reasonable amount of time. Did I learn? Apparently not. This article started off with switching from zsh to fish. Then I thought, "Might as well manage it all with Nix!", which led me to switch to home manager to manage my dotfiles which led me to using Nix everywhere I possibly could.

As expected, using Nix where it's not supported caused some issues. Buckle up, and watch my slow descent into madness (Nix).

Source: NixOS and my Descent into Insanity.

Practical Procedural Macros

An explaination of how to implement practical procedural macros in the Rust programming language. Explains the different types of macros, then shows an implementation of a procedural macro following best practices, focusing on testing and ergonomics. Assumes some familiarity with Rust.

Source: Practical Procedural Macros, an article by Hugo Elhaj-Lahsen.