Tue 27 Jun 2023

The self-supervised learning cookbook

We have released a new "Cookbook of Self-Supervised Learning,” a practical guide for AI researchers and practitioners on how to navigate SSL recipes, understand its various knobs and levers, and gain the know-how needed to experiment with SSL's untapped flavors. This is part of our efforts to lower the barrier and help democratize access to SSL research. You’ll also find tips and tricks from more than a dozen authors across multiple universities, including New York University, University of Maryland, UC Davis, University of Montreal; as well as leading Meta AI researchers, such as Yann LeCun.

Source: The Self-Supervised Learning Cookbook.

Welcome to Codon

Codon is a high-performance Python compiler that compiles Python code to native machine code without any runtime overhead. Typical speedups over Python are on the order of 100x or more, on a single thread. Codon supports native multithreading which can lead to speedups many times higher still.

The Codon framework is fully modular and extensible, allowing for the seamless integration of new modules, compiler optimizations, domain-specific languages and so on. We actively develop Codon extensions for a number of domains such as bioinformatics and quantitative finance.

Source: Welcome to Codon.

Advanced macOS Command-Line Tools

macOS is fortunate to have access to the huge arsenal of standard Unix tools. There are also a good number of macOS-specific command-line utilities that provide unique macOS functionality. To view the full documentation for any of these commands, run man <command>.

Source: Advanced macOS Commands.