Mon 26 Jun 2023

From Potter's Field

An unidentified nude female sits propped against a fountain in Central Park. There are no signs of struggle. When Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her colleagues Benton Wesley and Pete Marino arrive on the scene, they instantly recognize the signature of serial killer Temple Brooks Gault. Scarpetta, on assignment with the FBI, visits the New York City morgue on Christmas morning, where she must use her forensic expertise to give a name to the nameless—a difficult task. But as she sorts through conflicting forensic clues, Gault claims his next victim. He has infiltrated the FBI’s top secret artificial-intelligence system developed by Scarpetta’s niece, and sends taunting messages as his butchery continues, moving terrifyingly closer to Scarpetta herself.

In the afternoon I started in From Potter's Field, Kay Scarpetta book 6 by Patricia Cornwell.

An Introduction to Parser Combinators

If you’ve ever had to write a parser before, you know that creating parsers can be a tedious and complicated process. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In this post, I’m going to introduce parser combinators - a technique for building parsers that I’ve found to be both practical and fun to play around with1.

Source: An Introduction to Parser Combinators, an article by Varun Ramesh.

Gitflow and GitHub Flow compared: Which one is better?

Gitflow is, by far, the most popular branching model and possibly the one that has endured the test of time the most. Introduced by Vincent Driessen in 2010, its fundamental idea is that you should isolate your work into different types of git branches.

Other branching strategies, such as the centralized workflow (for those teams that come from SVN), and the forking workflow (for open-source projects) exist. Git, as a version control system, only details basic branching operations, and it remains controversial as to which approach is the best. Beyond those basic branching operations, it's a matter of opinion.

‍> In this article we will compare Gitflow with its newer approach,

GitHub Flow.

Source: Gitflow and GitHub Flow compared: Which one is better?.