Sat 02 Apr 2022

Faster sorting with Go generics

In this post, I'll dive deep into why these generic functions are faster than the existing ones in the sort package, even though they use precisely the same algorithm and loop structure. This should hopefully be an interesting peek into how Go generics are implemented, in comparison to the existing dynamic dispatch mechanism (interfaces).

Source: Faster sorting with Go generics, an article by Eli Bendersky.

The Reliability of Optical Disks

Optical media, and BluRay M-Discs in particular, are the most reliable way to do long term, offline data storage. CDs and DVDs have lasted for 10-20 years and can still be read successfully. BluRay media offers disk capacity of 25-128GB, and should have similar longevity. The claims of special M-Disc media lasting 100+ years seems plausible - unfortunately, it will take another 99 years before we can confirm it!

Anyone who wants an offline, ransomware proof, 20+ year backup should consider BluRay optical media.

Source: The Reliability of Optical Disks, an article by Murray Grant.