Sun 03 Apr 2022

Roll your own Ngrok

Ngrok is a fantastic tool for creating a secure tunnel from the public web to a machine behind NAT or a firewall. Sadly, it costs money and it’s proprietary. If you’re a developer, odds are that you’re already renting a server in the public cloud, so why not roll your own ngrok?

It turns out that you can do it using free, off-the-shelf tools, with no sophisticated scripting required! In this article, I’ll show you how.

Source: Roll your own Ngrok with Nginx, Letsencrypt, and SSH reverse tunnelling, an article by Jacob Errington.

Transformers for software engineers

Ever since its introduction in the 2017 paper, Attention is All You Need, the Transformer model architecture has taken the deep-learning world by storm. Initially introduced for machine translation, it has become the tool of choice for a wide range of domains, including text, audio, video, and others. Transformers have also driven most of the massive increases in model scale and capability in the last few years. OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Codex models are Transformers, as are DeepMind’s Gopher models and many others.

Source: Transformers for software engineers, an article by Nelson Elhage.