Sat 22 Jan 2022

Wordle With Grep

Let us solve a couple of Wordle games with the Unix grep command and the Unix words file. The Wordle games #217, #218, and #219 for 22 Jan 2022, 23 Jan 2022, and 24 Jan 22, respectively, are used as examples in this post.

Source: Wordle With Grep, an article by Susam Pal.

Managing your Docker infrastructure

This is the first installment of a series of articles I intend to write in early 2022. With Slackware 15.0 around the corner, I think it is a good time to show people that Slackware is as strong as ever a server platform. The core of this series is not about setting up a mail, print or web server – those are pretty well-documented already. I’m going to show what is possible with Slackware as your personal cloud platform.

Source: Slackware Cloud Server Series, Episode 1: Managing your Docker infrastructure, an article by Eric Hameleers.

Development and Proxies

I’m in the unfortunate circumstance to be using a mandatory proxy these days (including SSL) and unlike with browsers where it’s kind of fire and forget, if you’re developing software there’s a plethora of tools that will or will not accept the default environment variables, so here’s a list of stuff and how to fix it.

Source: Development and Proxies, an article by Florian Anderiasch.

The Wrong Missy (2020)

Tim thinks he's invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii, realizing too late he mistakenly texted someone from a nightmare blind date.

In the evening we watched The Wrong Missy. I liked the movie somewhat and give it a 6.5 out of 10.