Fri 21 Jan 2022

Terminal basics

This article is an introduction to the Command Line Interface (cli) in general on unixy machines, like macOS or linux. Target audience is (complete) beginner about the shell, but not programming.

Source: Terminal basics, an article by Grégoire Charvet.

Curl JSON support

I've been circling around this topic before. On this list I've previously gotten rather lukewarm responses or even several "don't do its", but after having asked around people on twitter I think maybe the time might come when we add some JSON specific command line options to the tool.

Source: Curl: JSON support, a message by Daniel Stenberg.

Git Organized: A Better Git Flow

The following approach was inspired by my coworker, Dan Wendorf, whose git flow tends to revolve around one core principle: do the work first, clean up the commits later. The benefit of this flow is that it separates the engineering work from the commit writing. In the end, we’ll be left with a sequence of commits that are logically grouped, each relating to one main change in the code, thus cleaning up our git history and paving the way for a quicker PR review.

Source: Git Organized: A Better Git Flow, an article by Annie Sexton.