Thu 04 Nov 2021

An oral history of Bank Python

Today will I take you through the keyhole to look at a group of software systems not well known to the public, which I call "Bank Python". Bank Python implementations are effectively proprietary forks of the entire Python ecosystem which are in use at many (but not all) of the biggest investment banks. Bank Python differs considerably from the common, or garden-variety Python that most people know and love (or hate).

Source: An oral history of Bank Python, an article by Cal Paterson.

A Haskell memory leak in way too much detail with Cachegrind

So, if you’re interested in low-level optimization of your Haskell programs then this article is for you. I’ll demonstrate the use of a valgrind tool, cachegrind, to inspect the behavior of the canonical leaky Haskell program: a lazy left fold. You’ll get three things: (1) a step-by-step tutorial on running cachegrind on your programs. (2) a section-by-section breakdown of the cachegrind profile, and (3) some guidance on interpreting the results.

Source: A Haskell memory leak in way too much detail with Cachegrind, an article by Jeffrey Young.