Wed 09 Jun 2021

Emacs as Your Calendar

Even in the age of smartphones I still prefer to check the calendar on my computer and I’ve often been disappointed by the horrible default calendars that ship with some operating systems (e.g. macOS’s calendar accessible via its systray).

Fortunately for us, Emacs users, we always have access to a proper calendar regardless of our OS and desktop environment (if any) - M-x calendar.

Source: Emacs as Your Calendar, an article by Bozhidar Batsov.

Async python in real life πŸπŸ”€

Maybe it's just me, but I hate stupid examples. I hate reading about OOP with animal examples as much as I hate reading about async with the client using bare asyncio.sleep statements. Mostly because (considering you won't work for a zoo πŸ€·β€) these examples will never get any close to real life.

I want then to explore async without talking about food (although I'm hungry right now) and using examples that you can run yourself and understand. So, the plan is to:

  • Explore async with slow HTTP queries;
  • Explore async with slow Database queries;
  • Share a real project running in production that uses async;

Source: Async python in real life πŸπŸ”€, an article by Guilherme Latrova.