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Wed 21 Apr 2021

Git from the Bottom Up

Welcome to the world of Git. I hope this document will help to advance your understanding of this powerful content tracking system, and reveal a bit of the simplicity underlying it — however dizzying its array of options may seem from the outside.

Source: Git from the Bottom Up, an article by John Wiegley.

Continued Fractions in Haskell

In this article, we’ll develop a Haskell library for continued fractions. Continued fractions are a different representation for real numbers, besides the fractions and decimals we all learned about in grade school. In the process, we’ll build correct and performant software using ideas that are central to the Haskell programming language community: equational reasoning, property testing, and term rewriting.

Source: Continued Fractions: Haskell, Equational Reasoning, Property Testing, and Rewrite Rules in Action, an article by Chris Smith.