Thu 22 Apr 2021

Simple Python Profiling with the @profile Decorator

A way of analyzing the performance of any given function or program is to use profilers during its execution. Profilers can help us understand timing, memory usage, and other pertinent information about code. The key to using profilers is to determine which portion of the code is slow or computationally expensive and assist the process of catching errors for optimization.

Source: Simple Python Profiling with the @profile Decorator, an article by Ryan Kuang.

“So what exactly is curl?”

You know that question you can get asked casually by a person you’ve never met before or even by someone you’ve known for a long time but haven’t really talked to about this before. Perhaps at a social event. Perhaps at a family dinner.

So what do you do?

Source: “So what exactly is curl?”, an article by Daniel Stenberg.