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Tue 20 Apr 2021

Building Large Scale Systems and Products with Python

At the beginning of Soroco’s journey, we had to answer a question that many engineering organizations have had to answer before.

What programming language were we going to use when building and scaling our products?

Source: Building Large Scale Systems and Products with Python, an article by George Nychis.

Animate extruded text

or better or worse, extruded text was a staple of the mid-90s desktop publishing design landscape. It was rare for a party invitation or gaming fanzine not to be blessed by this 3D text effect on its way out the printer.

As design was increasingly destined for screen rather than page, extrusion fell out of favour. But recently, I've noticed a quiet revival.

Source: Animate extruded text, an article by Matt Perry.

Modern CSS Upgrades To Improve Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical skill for developers doing work at any point in the stack. For front-end tasks, modern CSS provides capabilities we can leverage to make layouts more accessibly inclusive for users of all abilities across any device.

Source: Modern CSS Upgrades To Improve Accessibility, an article by Stephanie Eckles