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Thu 15 Apr 2021

Say Hello To CSS Container Queries

I haven’t been more excited for a CSS feature like I’m now in the past six years I spent as a front-end developer. The prototype of container queries is now available behind a flag in Chrome Canary. Thanks to efforts from smart people like Miriam Suzanne and other folks.

I remember seeing a lot of jokes about the support for CSS container queries, but they are finally there. In this article, I will walk you through why we need container queries, how they will make your life easier, and most importantly, you will achieve more powerful components and layouts.

Source: Say Hello To CSS Container Queries, an article by Ahmad Shadeed.

Debugging random slow writes in PostgreSQL

n this post I’ll showcase a real-life example of debugging a seemingly weird database performance degradation. While I obviously intend to share the solution and what to avoid, I’d also like to take you through the journey and show you some tools & processes that can help you dig into SQL performance.

Source: Debugging random slow writes in PostgreSQL, an article by Sergios Aftsidis.

How Python dictionaries work

The goal of this post is to learn how CPython implements hash tables. But understanding all the aspects of hash table design can be hard, and CPython's implementation is especially sophisticated, so we'll approach this topic gradually. In the first part of this post, we'll design a simple fully-functional hash table, discuss its capabilities and limitations and outline a general approach to design a hash table that works well in practice. In the second part, we'll focus on the specifics of CPython's implementation and finally see how Python dictionaries work behind the scenes.

Source: Python behind the scenes #10: how Python dictionaries work, an article by Victor Skvortsov.