Wed 06 Jan 2021

How to Navigate Emacs using Evil Mode

Emacs Evil mode is an extensible Vi layer for Emacs. It adds a set of Vi(m) key bindings and features to Emacs to give it a more modal feel, and lets you rely less on the pinky-accessed CTRL key when manipulating text. Where Emacs uses more key combinations and commands, Evil mode brings Vi’s operators and motions to execute text operations.

Source: How to Navigate Emacs using Evil Mode.

Midnight Sun: A novel

He calls himself Ulf—as good a name as any, he thinks—and the only thing he’s looking for is a place where he won’t be found by Oslo’s most notorious drug lord: the Fisherman. He was once the Fisherman’s fixer, but after betraying him, Ulf is now the one his former boss needs fixed—which may not be a problem for a man whose criminal reach is boundless. When Ulf gets off the bus in Kåsund, on Norway’s far northeastern border, he sees a “flat, monotonous, bleak landscape . . . the perfect hiding place. Hopefully.”

In the evening I started in Midnight Sun: A novel by Jo Nesbø. This is the sequel to the excellent Blood on Snow so I have high expectations.