Tue 05 Jan 2021

Tags are coming to tumblelog

The 19th of October I got an email from Jos of The Organization about his proposal for adding tags to tumblelog.

For the past months I have been thinking about this on and off. And I decided to use a YAML block to specify meta data, just like pandoc uses. For example:

tags: [tumblelog]

## Tags are coming to tumblelog

So, last Saturday I started tagging Plurrrr's articles. It took me 3 days, several hours each day, to do most of the 1600+ articles. Today I did the last few and some refinements. Next is adding the actual code to tumblelog as currently my version only skips tags.

Comment on Unix versus Emacs

I receive messages from time to time asking me to share my views on the topic of whether Emacs can fit into a Unix-centric workflow. One such email arrived in my inbox yesterday. I replied to it and asked whether I could publish the answer on my website, while omitting all private information.

Source: Comment on Unix versus Emacs, an article by Protesilaos Stavrou.