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Tue 05 Jan 2021

Tags are coming to tumblelog

The 19th of October I got an email from Jos of The Organization about his proposal for adding tags to tumblelog.

For the past months I have been thinking about this on and off. And I decided to use a YAML block to specify meta data, just like pandoc uses. For example:

tags: [tumblelog]

## Tags are coming to tumblelog

So, last Saturday I started tagging Plurrrr's articles. It took me 3 days, several hours each day, to do most of the 1600+ articles. Today I did the last few and some refinements. Next is adding the actual code to tumblelog as currently my version only skips tags.

The Strategic SwiftUI Data Flow Guide

SwiftUI offers several mechanisms to pass data between views.

Such abundance can make it hard to decide which data flow mechanism fits any particular situation.

Those decisions cannot be taken in isolation. As in many other cases, we need to keep an app’s architecture in mind to make the correct choice.

Source: The Strategic SwiftUI Data Flow Guide (+ Infographic).

Comment on Unix versus Emacs

I receive messages from time to time asking me to share my views on the topic of whether Emacs can fit into a Unix-centric workflow. One such email arrived in my inbox yesterday. I replied to it and asked whether I could publish the answer on my website, while omitting all private information.

Source: Comment on Unix versus Emacs, an article by Protesilaos Stavrou.

Blood on Snow: excellent

In the evening I finished Blood on Snow: A novel by Jo Nesbø. An excellent story and a quick read. Recommended!