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Thu 07 Jan 2021

Two Weeks Without Evil Mode

In the last two weeks, I’ve challenged myself to leave the comfort of Vim and dive into the unknown chasm of Emacs with no Evil keybindings.

Two Weeks Without Evil Mode, an article by Patrick Skiba.

dd, bs= and why you should use conv=fsync

Long story short: If one uses dd with a bigger block size (>= 4096), be sure to use either the oflag=direct or conv=fsync option to have proper error reporting while writing data to a device. I would prefer conv=fsync, dd will then fsync() the file handle once and report the error, without having the performance impact which oflag=direct has.

Source: dd, bs= and why you should use conv=fsync, an article by Michael Ablassmeier.

The GL-MT300N A $20 hackable Linux Router

The Gl.iNET GL-MT300N is a $21/£19 travel router designed for WIFI on the go. The device runs a custom version of OpenWRT that is easily replaced with a standard release of OpenWRT making this device an ultra cheap hackable Dual NIC router/SBC.

Source: The GL-MT300N A $20 hackable Linux Router, an article by James Dawson.