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Fri 20 Nov 2020

An Introduction to ZFS

ZFS has become increasingly popular in recent years. ZFS on Linux (ZoL) has pushed the envelope and exposed many newcomers to the ZFS fold. iXsystems has adopted the newer codebase, now called OpenZFS, into its codebase for TrueNAS CORE. The purpose of this article is to help those of you who have heard about ZFS but have not yet had the opportunity to research it.

Our hope is that we leave you with a better understanding of how and why it works the way it does. Knowledge is key to the decision-making process, and we feel that ZFS is something worth considering for most organizations.

Source: An Introduction to ZFS A Place to Start, an article by Nick Fusco.

Introducing SwiftNIO SSH

I am delighted to introduce a new open source project for the Swift Server ecosystem, SwiftNIO SSH. Distributed as a Swift package, SwiftNIO SSH is designed to enable Swift developers to interact with the SSH network protocol.

Source: Introducing SwiftNIO SSH, an article by Cory Benfield.

Better Python console apps with Rich

Recently I've been working on a few internal tools for my company, Teclado. Things like web scrapers to collect data and store it in a database, or simple tools to make people's jobs easier.

Because these are intended for a very small audience who are doing very specific tasks, I normally make console applications. And console applications can be tricky to use (and look hideous) most of the time.

Rich is a Python library that changes that completely. My new console apps are a joy to use, look great, and it's super easy to create them.

In this post, let me tell you about Rich and how I've been using it. I'm not a Rich expert by any means, but I hope it helps!

Source: Better Python console apps with Rich, an article by Jose Salvatierra.