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Sun 08 Nov 2020

Go for Internal Services

I’ve been working with Go at my day job for internal services for a few years - and have noticed some common themes from various success stories, incident post-mortems, and conversations with other engineers. This post inspired me to write some of these experiences down.

Source: Go for Internal Services, an article by Utsav Shah.

AWK in brief

AWK is a multi purpose software tool mainly used as a filter, that is a program to read input and produce output. Input is readed in lines and every line is split into fields. After reading and splitting each line into fields, AWK can take some action e.g. print, count etc, according to patterns matched by the line readed.

Source: – Τhe site for things related to the awk language.

Introduction to Makefiles

I often use Makefiles in some of my projects. I really like the flexibility it gives, and I often find myself writing a Makefile instead of a simple shell script to automatize tasks.

So here's a little crash course. I'll obviously only cover the basics, but I hope this will give you a good idea on how you could improve your workflows using Makefiles.

Source: Introduction to Makefiles, an article by Jean-David Gadina.