Thu 23 Jul 2020

The Case For CSS-in-JS

CSS-in-JS is the practice of utilising the power of JavaScript to dynamically generate and better organise your application’s CSS. The concept has gained traction over the years due to the popularity of UI frameworks / libraries such as React, Angular and Vue. This post attempts to convince you that CSS-in-JS is an approach worth investigating in the struggle to keep your codebase’s CSS in check.

Source: The Case For CSS-in-JS, an article by Stephen Fairbanks.

Good Logging

To check if a program is doing what it should, you can inspect the output from a given input. But as the system grows, you also need logging to help you understand what is happening. Good log messages are crucial when troubleshooting problems. However, many developers don’t log enough information in the right places.

Source: Good Logging, an article by Henrik Warne.