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Fri 24 Jul 2020

Docker in 10 minutes

I've been exposed to docker on and off and every time I see it, I seem to need a refresher. In this article we will go through everything you need to know about Docker in order to either jump into an existing project or get started with it.

Source: Blog | Docker in 10 minutes, an article by Victor Parmar.

Polymorphism with Functions in Go

Having a function implement an interface can be really useful when testing or programming Go code. Being able to do this allows you to have a data structure such as a map or an array hold both functions and structs that implement the interface.

Source: Polymorphism with Functions in Go.

LaTeX Typesetting – Part 1 (Lists)

LaTeX lists are enclosed environments, and each item in the list can take a line of text to a full paragraph. There are three types of lists available in LaTeX. They are:

  • Itemized: unordered or bullet
  • Enumerated: ordered
  • Description: descriptive

Source: LaTeX Typesetting – Part 1 (Lists), an article by Earl Ramirez.