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Sat 04 Apr 2020

Brachypelma smithi eating

Just before 1PM I gave a a mealworm, Tenebrio molitor, to my Brachypelma smithi. This was the second time it ate in my care, the previous time was last Saturday.

Brachypelma smithi eating a mealworm
Brachypelma smithi eating a mealworm, Tenebrio molitor.

I probably schedule a weekly feeding for this little one.

Ladybird Beetles

In the early evening Adam and Alice collected ladybird beetles, Coccinella sp. in order to release them on the insect hotels we bought recently.

Coccinella spp on an insect hotel
Ladybird beetles, Coccinella sp., resting on an insect hotel.

Several of the beetles ran away from the insect hotels and most likely won't stay.

6 Things Markdown Got Wrong

John Gruber's Markdown is almost a perfect content authoring format. Here are 6 things it got wrong (in my opinion, of course).

Source: 6 Things Markdown Got Wrong.