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Wed 01 Apr 2020

Mixins in Python and Ruby Compared

The venerable “mixin” is a technique I learned as a Python developer. Now, after writing Ruby code for the past year, I’m excited to compare how these two languages approach mixins, including similarities, differences, and traps. There will be code!

Source: Mixins in Python and Ruby Compared, an article by Andrew Brookins.

Analyzing Docker Image Security

Docker containers are not inherently secure as many people think. So, it’s crucial use tools and scanners to rid your containers of vulnerabilities…

Source: Analyzing Docker Image Security, an article by Martin Heinz.

I Am Switching to JS

After 5 years of using Go I am finally moving on. Go has served me well and has been the best language I could have possibly used for the longest time, but it is now the moment for me to let it Go.

Over time Go has not failed to show me its limitations and its issues, to the point where I decided to switch to something more future proof and with a more thriving community.

I don’t want to write this post as a list of things that pushed me away from my previous language, I find that kind of post sterile and of very little use for the readers, this is just a post on what I find great in JavaScript and what made me decide to switch.

Source: I Am Switching to JS.