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Tue 31 Mar 2020

State machines in Rust

Now that we've looked at what state machines are, and hopefully convinced you of their usefulness, let's take a look at how to implement them in Rust. Much of what I'm saying here was inspired by Hoverbear's "Rust state machine pattern" post, which I recommend reading.

Source: State Machines, an article by Yoshua Wuyts.

Useful Queries For PostgreSQL Index Maintenance

PostgreSQL has a rich set of indexing functionality, and there are many articles explaining the syntax, usage, and value of the index. In this article, I will write basic and useful queries to see the state of database indexes.

Source: Useful Queries For PostgreSQL Index Maintenance, an article by Ibrar Ahmed.

Falsehoods programmers believe about time

I have repeatedly been confounded to discover just how many mistakes in both test and application code stem from misunderstandings or misconceptions about time. By this I mean both the interesting way in which computers handle time, and the fundamental gotchas inherent in how we humans have constructed our calendar – daylight savings being just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact I have seen so many of these misconceptions crop up in other people’s (and my own) programs that I thought it would be worthwhile to collect a list of the more common problems here.

Source: Falsehoods programmers believe about time, an article by Noah Sussman.