Fri 05 Apr 2019

Less 404

After midnight I used Inkscape to draw a 64x64 icon and saved it as PNG. Next, I used an online service, ICO Convert, to convert the PNG to a favicon.ico. I also made an empty robots.txt and uploaded both to this site. Now there are less 404 messages in the access log of this site.

Python version of tumblelog

I started on a Python 3.7 version of tumblelog. As I haven't been programming Python for quite some time it's a slow start. I hope to release the Python version of my static microblog generator sometime next week.

Python 3.7 on Ubuntu 16.04

I kept bumping into the Python version on my Ubuntu virtual machine being old; Python 3.5.2. So I updated to Python 3.7.3 as follows:

sudo add-apt-repository \
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y python3.7

Hello, f-strings.