a tumblelog
Sat 06 Apr 2019

Python version of tumblelog II

I just finished the Python version of tumblelog. It will be available as part of the tumblelog repository tomorrow. It took less time than expected. It feels good to code in Python once more.

Cable guy

My brother Marco is laying some cable so I can get a faster wired connection in my office.

House sparrow eggs

House sparrow eggs
Eggs of the house sparrow, Passer domesticus.

When my brother worked on the roof he encountered the nest of a house sparrow, Passer domesticus. He took the above photo with his cell phone (cropped).

Beauty bush

Beauty bush
Flowers of beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis.

When my mother and I went to the town center I took a photo of flowers of a bush which the iOS app PlantSnap identified as beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis.