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16 Nov 2019

We reduced our Docker images by 60% with –no-install-recommends

Here at Canonical, we use Dockerfiles on a daily basis for all our web projects. Something that caught our attention recently was the amount of space that we were using for each Docker image, and we realized that we were installing more dependencies than we needed.

In this article, I’ll explain how we improved our image build time and reduced the image size by using the flag --no-install-recommends in our Dockerfiles.

Source: We reduced our Docker images by 60% with –no-install-recommends, an article by Francisco Jiménez Cabrera.

Raku Guide

This document is intended to give you a quick overview of the Raku programming language. For those new to Raku, it should get you up and running.

Source: Raku Guide, an article by Naoum Hankache.

Object Oriented Programming in Python 3

Python provides very clean object oriented design syntax. With the help of certain keywords, we can program the code by visualizing it as real world object. This chapter will not cover all object oriented programming concepts. However, it will teach you how to design an object oriented program in Python.

Source: Object Oriented Programming - Part I, part of a Python 3 Tutorial by Satya Jugran.