Thu 26 Sep 2019

Serving JSON

Today, after working on improving the JSON feed for this blog I tried to validate it using the JSON Feed Validator expecting no errors. Instead I got:

Error: Content-Type was application/octet-stream. It should be application/json.

JSON Feed Validator showing Content-Type issue
JSON Feed Validator showing the Content-Type issue.

Since I use NGINX to host this site on a virtual private server (VPS) I SSHed into the VPS and added the following line to mime.types:

    application/json       json;
JSON Feed Validator success
JSON Feed Validator successfully validated the JSON feed.

After restarting the web server the feed could be validated without any issues.

The Last Astronaut

Sally Jansen was NASA's leading astronaut, until a mission to Mars ended in disaster. Haunted by her failure, she lives in quiet anonymity, convinced her days in space are over.

She's wrong.

In the evening I started in The Last Astronaut by David Wellington.