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Wed 31 Jul 2019

Adulthood Rites: a nice read

After 1:00 am I finished the second book in the Xenogenesis trilogy by Octavia E. Butler: Adulthood Rites. To me it was slower paced than Dawn but still a nice read. I look forward to reading the third book in the series, Imago.

Has esketamine been vastly overhyped?

The first new antidepressant since Prozac is... ketamine. OK, not quite. There is no patent on the infamous party drug, but big pharma is now marketing a derivative with worryingly unclear outcomes

Source: Has esketamine been vastly overhyped?, an article by William Ralston.

Imago: Xenogenesis Book 3

In the evening I started in the conclusion to the Xenogenesis trilogy, Imago, by Octavia E. Butler.