Wed 01 May 2019

Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning C/C++

  1. It enables you to learn crucial programming ideas and understand other systems
  2. C/C++ is fast and efficient
  3. There are many successful C/C++ projects
  4. It influences and helps you learn other advanced programming languages
  5. Many code samples are done in C/C++

Source: Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning C/C++.

Those are not really strong reasons as at least 4 out of the above 5 hold for a lot of programming languages, like for example Python.

Stop Datepicker click event propagation

In the afternoon I stopped event bubbling from an input field named date under control of a jQuery Datepicker to a nearby input element, a checkbox, as follows:

    .click(function(event) {

Before the above code each click in the input field resulted in the nearby checkbox being toggled.

SF & F book recommendations

Also in the afternoon I recommended several books to my friend Simon, via email:

"Remembrance of Earth's Past" a science fiction trilogy by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin, which consists of the following books:

It took me a little while to get into the first book. I liked the second book the most.

I wrote in my email that if Simon had already read this series he would like Isaac Asimov's Foundation series as well. And vice versa, if he already had read this series, the Foundation series is a must-read:

I also recommended The Night Angel trilogy, a fantasy series written by Brent Weeks:

Also of this trilogy I liked the second book the most.

Another author I like a lot is John Sandford. I have read most of his mystery novels but he has also written an SF with Ctein: Saturn Run.

And finally, I recommended The Swarm by Frank Schätzing.