Thu 02 May 2019

Use nmap to find machines and open ports

In the evening I used nmap to find all machines on my local network, with success. I used:

nmap -sn

I also used the following command to find all open ports on my Mac Mini:

sudo nmap -p 1-65535 -sV \
     -sS -T4 ip-address

This scan took 1804.45 seconds.

The following open ports where found:

  • 88/tcp Heimdal Kerberos
  • 5900/tcp Apple remote desktop vnc
  • 63946/tcp unknown
  • 63947/tcp unknown

According to the admin subnet TCP/UDP port finder both are related to Xsan Filesystem Access (Apple). See also TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products.

For more useful nmap commands check out the nmap cheat sheet