Fri 07 Jul 2023

Nix shell template

Nix shells are the best tool for creating software development environments right now. This article provides a template to get you started with Nix shells from scratch, and explains how to add common features.

Source: Nix shell template, an article by Victor Engmark.

TIL - IN is not the same as ANY

Not exactly from today, rather from a month or two ago, but still on my “noteworthy list”. So after a remarkably long quiet period of no surprises (Postgres doesn’t generally surprise one badly), I managed to learn something controversial - a thing considered generally good, using ANY instead of IN-list in this case, can have downsides nevertheless!

Source: TIL - IN is not the same as ANY, an article by Kaarel Moppel.

Corinna in the Perl Core

It’s been a years-long, painful process, but with the release of Perl v.5.38,0, the first bits of Corinna have been added to the Perl core. For those who have not been following along, Corinna is a project to add a new object system to the Perl core. Note that it’s not taking anything away from Perl; it’s adding a core object system for better memory consumption, performance, and elegance.

Source: Corinna in the Perl Core, an article by Curtis “Ovid” Poe.