Thu 06 Jul 2023

Demystifying Text Data with the unstructured Python Library

In the world of data, textual data stands out as being particularly complex. It doesn’t fall into neat rows and columns like numerical data does. As a side project, I’m in the process of developing my own personal AI assistant. The objective is to use the data within my notes and documents to answer my questions. The important benefit is all data processing will occure locally on my computer, ensuring that no documents are uploaded to the cloud, and my documents will remain private.

To handle such unstructured data, I’ve found the unstructured Python library to be extremely useful. It’s a flexible tool that works with various document formats, including Markdown, , XML, and HTML documents.

Source: Demystifying Text Data with the unstructured Python Library (+alternatives), an article by Saeed Esmaili.

Image Upscaling Using Neural Networks

Do you remember those classic scenes from CSI TV series? When a detective, peering at a pixelated image from a surveillance camera, instructs the tech whiz, "zoom enhance". With some keyboard strokes, the blurry image transforms, revealing a perfectly clear license plate. We've all had a good laugh at that, dismissing it as pure Hollywood bullshit, right?

Source: Image Upscaling Using Neural Networks.