Tue 04 Jul 2023

Most Tests Should Be Generated

Traditional testing wisdom eventually invokes the test pyramid, which is a guide to the proportion of tests to write along the isolation / integration spectrum. There’s an eternal debate about what the best proportion should be at each level, but interestingly it’s always presented with the assumption that test cases are hand-written. We should also think about test generation as a dimension, and if I were to draw a pyramid about it I’d place generated tests on the bottom and hand-written scenarios on top, i.e. most tests should be generated.

Source: Most Tests Should Be Generated, an article by Alex Weisberger.

Two Ways to Turbo-Charge tox

The traditional way to speed up tox runs is running it as tox run-parallel (née tox --parallel or just tox -p). And while it’s currently broken in tox 4 for some users (yours truly included), it’s a great feature that Nox is sorely lacking.

But there are more ways, and I’d like to share two of them with you. Both methods don’t make much difference in CIs like GitHub Actions (just like tox run-parallel, mind you!), but they can do wonders for your local development. Which is where I have the least patience, so let’s dive right in!

Source: Two Ways to Turbo-Charge tox, an article by Hynek Schlawack.