Mon 13 Mar 2023

Policy on util packages

Ah util, the ubiquitous fixture of practically every project since the invention of code.

I spent my early years programming expecting a util package in every project, oftentimes being the one to create it myself. It wasn’t until my third job out of school that I ran into someone who had an allergic reaction to the addition of one and argued strongly against it.

Source: Policy on util packages.

The Killing God

They are coming.

The kingdoms of Belleger and Amika had been fighting for generations. But then they learned of a terrible threat moving through them to destroy the Last Repository, an immense hidden library. To face this greater enemy, King Bifalt of Belleger and Queen Estie of Amika allied their lands and prepared for war.

They are at the door.

Now the time of preparation is over. Black ships and sorcery test the cannon that defend the Bay of Lights. Treachery and betrayal threaten the kingdoms. The priests of the Great God Rile sow dissent. And Estie rides for the Last Repository, desperate to enlist the help of their Magisters-and to understand the nature of her own magical gift.

They are here.

Bifalt hates sorcery as much as he loves Estie, and the discovery that she could become a Magister shatters him. But he must rally and fight. Belleger and Amika are all that stand between the Great God's forces and his ultimate goal: the destruction of the Last Repository and its treasure of knowledge.

In the evening I started in The Killing God, the 3rd book in The Great God's War trilogy by Stephen Donaldson.