Sun 12 Mar 2023

Stack Machines and Where To Find Them

We'll first see what recursion is about and why you should use it. Then, we'll see how functions work (down under; buckle up we're gonna write assembly code and Fortran), invent automatic memory, and see why you shouldn't use recursion.

We'll take a quick detour in optimization land to explain why you should use recursion sometimes, and have a little theoretical trip to really understand what's under recursion, and why some things are inherently recursive and others aren't.

We'll have a language stay and learn a bit of Polish (notation), and discover the power of stack machines. To conclude, we'll try writing a Rust macro that parses and executes Forth code at compile time.

Source: Stack Machines and Where To Find Them, an article by Tom Niget.

Hash Tables FTW

Over the last few weeks I did a bit of tinkering on a hobby software project. The code was written by two other people during the last several years and I finally managed to find some time to fix a couple of bugs.

Source: Hash Tables FTW, an article by Michal Necasek.