Wed 08 Mar 2023

Your Client Side State is a Lie

SPAs are really hard to get right, but what exactly is hard about them? As always, its state, but a specific kind of state.

Whenever you fetch data from the server and store that data in any shared state management solution, your application is very often lying to your users.

Source: Your Client Side State is a Lie.

Irregular expressions

Regular expressions are fascinating to me. On one hand, they can be extremely succinct, expressive, and efficient. On the other hand, they can be basically write-only. They come with a simple but powerful theory that leads to efficient implementations. Sadly, many implementations ignore the theory in order to offer additional features, at the cost of worst-case exponential complexity.

It is possible, however, to implement some of those additional features, and still operate in worst-case linear time. The implementation (~400 lines of Rust) even fits in a single blog post! The full code is on GitHub, and the commit history lines up with the blog post if you want to follow along.

Source: Irregular expressions, an article by Tavian Barnes.