Tue 07 Mar 2023

My grand unified theory of Nix documentation

Since the last post I've been in contact with some members of the Nix community with regards to joining the documentation team. From that discussion and my experience with other ecosystems I've had some ideas rolling around about what the ideal Nix documentation strategy/ecosystem would look like to me, so I'm putting those ideas in writing to start a discussion and generate ideas. These ideas aren't super concrete and I don't speak for anyone else, but they're my vision for how Nix documentation could better serve experienced users and onboard new ones.

Source: Nix journey part 1: My grand unified theory of Nix documentation, an article by Zach Mitchell.

The limitations of deep learning

In general, anything that requires reasoning—like programming, or applying the scientific method—long-term planning, and algorithmic-like data manipulation, is out of reach for deep learning models, no matter how much data you throw at them. Even learning a sorting algorithm with a deep neural network is tremendously difficult.

Source: The limitations of deep learning, an article by Francois Chollet.

Why I Will Never Use Alpine Linux Ever Again

Nowadays, Alpine Linux is one of the most popular options for container base images. Many people (maybe including you) use it for anything and everything. Some people use it because of its small size, some because of habit and some, just because they copy-pasted a Dockefile from some tutorial. Yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should not use Alpine for your container images, some of which can cause you great amount of grief...

Source: Why I Will Never Use Alpine Linux Ever Again, an article by Martin Heinz.