Fri 17 Feb 2023

Writing Javascript without a build system

Hello! I’ve been writing some Javascript this week, and as always when I start a new frontend project, I was faced with the question: should I use a build system?

I want to talk about what’s appealing to me about build systems, why I (usually) still don’t use them, and why I find it frustrating that some frontend Javascript libraries require that you use a build system.

I’m writing this because most of the writing I see about JS assumes that you’re using a build system, and it can be hard to navigate for folks like me who write very simple small Javascript projects that don’t require a build system.

Source: Writing Javascript without a build system, an article by Julia Evans.

Would Rust secure cURL?

Is this true? Are the majority of cURL’s security vulnerabilities logic mistakes?

It’s easy to find out. The cURL authors have a great list of (known) cURL security vulnerabilities. If you skim it it becomes immediately obvious that no, cURL has plenty of memory safety bugs. Since there’s a nice list with great descriptions of each bug it seems like a nice opportunity to measure how many bugs Rust would have prevented.

Source: Would Rust secure cURL?, an article by Tim Hutt.