Thu 16 Feb 2023

Try out CSS Nesting today

Back in December, we wrote an article detailing three different options for CSS Nesting. In it, we explained the differences between Option 3, Option 4 and Option 5, demonstrating how each would work through a series of examples. Then we asked a simple question: “Which option is best for the future of CSS?”

Web developers responded to the poll with great clarity. Option 3 won in a landslide.

And so now, both Safari and Chrome have implemented Option 3. Two weeks ago, on January 25th, CSS Nesting shipped in Safari Technology Preview 162, on by default. If you have a Mac, simply download and open Safari Technology Preview, write some nested CSS, and experience how it works!

Source: Try out CSS Nesting today, an article by Jen Simmons.

Postgres WAL Files and Sequence Numbers

Recently in working with one of Crunchy Data's customers, I came across a situation where understanding the names and sequence numbers was important. In working with several of my colleauges that commit to the Postgres project, I collected notes on some of the details inside WAL. The goal today to look at the LSN and naming convention for WAL to help users understand WAL files a little better.

Source: Postgres WAL Files and Sequence Numbers, an article by Brian Pace.