Wed 06 Jul 2022

Is it time to look past Git?

At the time of this writing, Git's been with us for over a decade and a half. During that time the ecosystem has absolutely exploded. From the rise of GitHub and GitLab to the myriad of new subcommands (just look at all this cool stuff), clearly Git has seen widespread adoption and success.

Source: Is it time to look past Git?, an article by Jonathan E. Magen.

Nix packaging, the heretic way

One difficulty when using Nix is that it’s possible to hit a purity wall. A dependency is not in nixpkgs (yet), and you have to package it yourself. But the project does some impure things during the build. It’s using some esoteric language that doesn’t have a <lang>2nix tool yet.

And sometimes it’s hard to go to your customer/boss and tell them you have to spend the next 3 weeks doing “things right”(tm).

Luckily there is a workaround available, and this is why I’m writing this article. To show a quick but impure alternative that can be used in a pinch.

Source: Nix packaging, the heretic way, an article by Jonas Chevalier.

Index Recommendations

For most non-trivial SQL databases, the key to performance is creating the right SQL indexes. In this context "the right SQL indexes" means those that cause the queries that an application needs to optimize run fast. The ".expert" command can assist with this by proposing indexes that might assist with specific queries, were they present in the database.

Source: Index Recommendations (SQLite Expert).