Mon 04 Jul 2022

Unit and Integration Tests

In this post I argue that integration-vs-unit is a confused, and harmful, distinction. I provide a more useful two-dimensional mental model instead. The model is descriptive (it allows to think more clearly about any test), but I also include my personal prescriptions (the model shows metrics which are and aren’t worth optimizing).

Source: Unit and Integration Tests, an article by Aleksey Kladov.

Managing Kubernetes without losing your cool

This post is based on a webinar i've previously given where I go through some of my favourite tips for working with Kubernetes clusters all day long. The goal of all of these techniques is to make my life easier and (hopefully) less error prone. I start off with the first 5 tips being applicable to anyone working with Kubernetes and can be picked up right away. From there I move on to a couple that would benefit from having some old-skool Linux sys-admin experience. Finally I finish of with some more advanced techniques that require some previous programming experience.

Source: Managing Kubernetes without losing your cool, an article by Marcus Noble.