Mon 13 Jun 2022

Building a router with NixOS

I've now been using NixOS for one year. I use it to manage both my private PC and my laptop at work. Overall, it has been a great experience. I really appreciate the scale and control it brings to my digital life.

In May 2022, I stepped it up a notch by adding a third device running NixOS, namely a custom-built router! After a month of interspersed work I had successfully replaced my home network router.

In this blog post I'll go through why I embarked on this journey, how I did it, and lessons learned.

Source: Building a router with NixOS, an article by Johan Andersson.

JavaScript Hydration Is a Workaround, Not a Solution

In web development, Hydration is a technique to add interactivity to server-rendered HTML. It’s a technique in which client-side JavaScript converts a static HTML web page into a dynamic web page by attaching event handlers to the HTML elements.

However, attaching event handlers to the Document Object Model (DOM) is not the most challenging or expensive part of hydration.

In this article, I’ll explain why I believe hydration is overhead. It’s not the solution; it’s a hack that consumes memory and slows down startup, especially on mobile. For the sake of this article, let’s define overhead as work that can be avoided and still leads to the same end result.

Source: JavaScript Hydration Is a Workaround, Not a Solution, an article by Miško Hevery.