Wed 11 May 2022

Podman v4.1 has been released!

The new Podman v4.1.0 release is now available. This release is all about new features, with some of the most exciting being improved support for running on Mac and Windows, and adding support for Docker Compose v2.0. These are just the beginning, though, as this release also includes the ability to clone containers, significant improvements to checkpointing, and over 25 bug fixes. Read on for more details!

Source: Podman v4.1.0 Released.

PyScript: Python in the Browser

Are you a data scientist or a developer who mostly uses Python? Are you jealous of developers who write Javascript code and build fancy websites in a browser? How nice would it be if we could write websites in Python? Amazingly, at PyCon US 2022, Anaconda’s CEO Peter Wang announced a shiny new technology called PyScript that allows users to write Python and in fact many languages in the browser.

Source: PyScript: Python in the Browser, an article by Sophia Yang.