Mon 09 May 2022

Parsing / Recursive Descent Parser

Recursive Descent Parser is a top-down parser where every non-terminal in the BNF grammar is a subroutine. The parser works by recursively calling each subroutine to construct the parsed output. It’s not the only algorithm to implement a parser, but it’s one of the most simple ones that are very easy to understand and implement.

Source: Parsing/Recursive Descent Parser.

Ordering CSS Declarations

In my personal projects, I’ve never imposed any order on my CSS declarations. Or rather: I’ve ordered my declarations, just not mindfully. To Eric’s point, it’s mostly been: “arbitrarily adding properties everywhere until it looks right in the browser.” That’s me.

After reading Eric’s article, I’m feeling convinced to go alphabetical.

Source: Ordering CSS Declarations, an article by Jim Nielsen.